11PC Mermaid Tail Makeup Brushes $7.89 Delivered @ eBay

11PC Mermaid Tail Makeup Brushes $7.89

These shimmering sets of mermaid-inspired makeup brushes are just the things to add a bit of aquatic magic to your beauty routine. Being as pretty as they are, they're totally going to lift the game of your cosmetics kit too. Sets of 11 brushes are just $7.89 delivered. Go get 'em, girls!

This fabulous set contains pretty much every brush you need for your basic (or even complex) makeup routine. There are ten long brushes - complete with exquisite mermaid tail ends - and one chubby brush, which is excellent for blending.

Each of these brushes features nylon bristles, so they won't irritate skin like animal hair can. They also have anti-slip handles, which is very important, because there's nothing more irritating than dropping a dry brush into a wet basin!

These would make a spectacular gift for anyone beginning to dabble in makeup, and of course those of us who just need more mermaid in our lives.

These items ship FREE from China, so allow extra delivery time.


  • Samm E.

    I adore these. Impatiently waiting for some I ordered with my birthday money

  • Sharna A.

    Ooh there cute I want them!! :heart_eyes:

  • Bj C.

    these are absolutely gorgeous

  • Baheera C.


  • Elicia J.

    These are adorable I need badly

  • Haley P.

    Oh I love these!! :heart_eyes::ok_hand:

  • Emily P.

    These are on my list :relaxed:

  • Melanie P.

    Does it say on the brushes what each is used for by any chance? Also are they really soft

  • Amy H.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: they're preettty

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