61% Off Portable Camping Washstand @ eBay

61% Off Portable Camping Washstand @ eBay

Camping season is coming up, and this portable washstand is going to come in SO handy if you don't have the conveniences a caravan or motor home has. Usually $159.95, you can buy it just for $61.75 at eBay right now - and it ships FREE!

This portable sink holds a whopping 19 litres of water, so it's going to take care of hand washing and rinsing of dishes for an entire day.

All you have to do is use a hose to fill the water tank with fresh, clean water, and use the foot pump to generate a flow of water for your needs.

And it gets better...there's also a soap dispenser and a towel rack!

(Where was THIS the last time I went camping?)

Most campsites have great facilities these days, but even so, the convenience of having your own sink is pretty fabulous. And if you're planning on camping somewhere without any amenities, this is a must!

NOTE: You can also buy a waste tank for drainage at the same seller.

This item ships FREE in Australia.


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  • Brooke C.

    how I extra I like to be at public toilets :grimacing: