600W NutriBullet 12 Piece Set + 2 Drink Bottles (700ml) for $100 delivered at Target

600W NutriBullet 12 Piece Set + 2 Drink Bottles (700ml) for $100 delivered at Target

Saw the NutriBullet 12 Piece Set 600 Watts (NBR-1207M) at Target priced at $119, but you can essentially save $56 off the average market price on one of these by adding an extra $6 worth of stuff to your car. This would enable you to use Target's $25 off promo code (on orders over $125).

So basically I think it makes sense to pick up some bottles - i.e. get two of the 700ml ones which are priced at $3 each with the NutriBullet set, bringing the total to $125. Apply the $25 off promo code and your total will drop to just $100 with free delivery for the blender and 2 drink bottles.

The blender on its own is priced between $135 and $170 delivered at Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, The Good Guys, David Jones, Big W, Myer and Harris Scarfe - on average $150 vs. Target's $100 tag with two "bonus" bottles.

If you deduct the value of the bottles you're looking at a total of $94 for the blender which, another way of looking at it, is a saving of over 35% off the average market price.


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  • vikk
    Here are the bottles I was thinking of getting (they're available in pink or blue for $3 each) http://www.target.com.au/medias/static_content/product/images/list/61/50/A896150.jpg Or alternatively you can also pick up 3 acrylic glasses ($2 each, available in 4 colours) http://www.target.com.au/medias/static_content/product/images/thumb/35/55/A893555.jpghttp://www.target.com.au/medias/static_content/product/images/thumb/35/52/A893552.jpghttp://www.target.com.au/medias/static_content/product/images/thumb/35/54/A893554.jpghttp://www.target.com.au/medias/static_content/product/images/thumb/35/53/A893553.jpg FYI - The 12 piece is a bit misleading as they count each part literally as a piece (even the instruction manual and the blender's blades!!! oO 1 x High Torque Power Base - 600W (1 piece) 1 x Extractor Blade (1 Piece) 1 x Milling Blade (1 Piece) 1 x Tall Cup - 700ml (1 Piece) 1 x Short Cup - 500ml with Handled Comfort Lip Ring (2 Pieces) 1 x Handled Short Cup with Comfort Lip Ring (2 Pieces) 2 x Stay Fresh Resealable Lids (2 Pieces) 1 x Care and Instruction Booklet (1 Piece) 1 x Pocket Nutritionist (1 Piece)
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