Over $500 Off Kids' 12V Electric Ride-On Digger @ eBay

$500+ Off Kids' 12V Electric Ride-On Digger

If my son saw this electric digger, he'd move heaven and earth to get it! It's the latest in the range kids' electric ride-on bulldozers and diggers to arrive in Australia, and it's totally WOW! This digger was originally $699, but comes down to $191.20 delivered by using code POWERLIFT at checkout. You'll need to move fast on this one - offer ends 9th April, 2018.

This hard-working ride-on digger has a 12-volt battery and some pretty realistic design features. It has a foot accelerator with forward and reverse motion, a central gear stick, built-in music, remote control operation and digger levers that actually work!

And let's not forget that canopy, enabling kids to work rain, hail or shine, and get that backyard ship shape - or destroy your herb garden, it could go either way!


  • Enter code POWERLIFT at checkout to reduce the price to $191.20.

This is by far the best offer we've seen on this incredibly popular digger, so if you've had one in mind for your little worker, now's the time to snaffle a bargain!

NOTE: the Kids' Electric Ride-On Bulldozer (without canopy) is also on sale until the 9th April; it's down to just $139.92 delivered with the POWERLIFT code.

Offer ends 9th April, 2018. This item ships FAST & FREE in Australia.


  • Melissa L.

    think we could get Nanny to buy this one??

  • Sarah L.

    He would be like a total destructo in this :joy:

  • Kerin O.

    We already have a motorised dozer so this would be a great addition to the fleet :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Illana B.

    :joy::joy::joy: let's buy all of us one

  • Karen R.

    ok nanny will see how full poppies wallet is

  • Louise J.

    Aww cute Im sure we will have lots of these..

  • Shannen L.

    Perfect Christmas present

  • Jamie B.

    Could help dig out the pool

  • Kaylene O.

    Omg this is a must for the kiddies

  • Chris C.

    Yes!!!! Imagine his face :heart_eyes:

  • Kaylene O.

    Trying to find how big it is

  • Tahlia L.

    Sooo cute. I just don't an electric one haha

  • Barbara E.

    I know a little blonde boy who would love that!!

  • Melissa M.


  • Sarah P.

    Isn't it amazing?! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Bryan D.

    Yep he can pick up the poop lol xxxx:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Sarah W.

    Imagine the destruction

  • Larnie O.

    I know, thinking of getting this for him for Christmas instead of the the other ones I was looking at

  • Tennille J.

    Every boy needs a digger in there life :joy::joy:

  • Mitchel A.

    He can dig some holes for me

  • Jo B.

    OMG he would love that!!! I wouldn't love constantly filling in all the holes he would dig though!! :joy:

  • Sue M.

    Hhhhmmmm Xmas coming up

  • Mel G.

    Yeah not sure if its too small

  • Candice A.

    I know!!!!! It's the best one I've seen :grimacing:

  • Kimberly B.


  • Rachael S.

    Gosh the boys would love this

  • Leanne M.

    Now that’s a sweet ride!!

  • Sophie W.

    Could you imagine!! :heart_eyes::thumbsup::grin:

  • Brittany- C.

    nawww bless can u imagine his lil face :joy::heart_eyes::smile: big big digger

  • Christopher S.

    Wish I was a kid again!!!

  • Charlene I.

    Yeh that's it how cool is it aye

  • Steviex D.

    Imagine what it would make a backyard look like lol

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