6 x Pepperjack Shiraz just $13.50 a bottle using Winemarket's $50 off voucher

If you missed out on Winemarket's $99 offer (before shipping) on half a dozen bottles of Pepperjack Barossa Shiraz earlier today, then that's a good thing!

Thanks, once again, to Winemarket's $50 off voucher (on orders over $120) there's another stellar deal going one this wine. Now that the price on the case of six is back up to $123 you can apply the voucher to it, which after delivery fees comes to only $81.

That's just $13.50 a bottle which is right at the lowest end of the discount scale when looking back through Buckscoop's deal history on this very popular wine.

Your next cheapest alternative is to buy 6 bottles of Pepperjack Shiraz from Dan Murphys when making use of their free shipping voucher. Their total comes to $94.80. It's interesting to then see the spread of prices across the other well known wine retailers:

- $126.95 at Vintage Cellars
- $143.75 at First Choice Liquor
- $151.49 at Winemakers Choice
- $180.89 at Crackawines

The $50 off voucher is valid until the 1st January 2015. So I suggest that if you have any wine purchases to make which exceed $120, you make Winemarket your first port of call as this voucher generally makes for some steaming bargains on cases of wine.


  • Earth
    Sweet deal Captainjack. Hot from me. Thank you
  • Captainjack
    Cheers Earth. :)
  • Donkey
    Pretty much everywhere you look this gets a good rap. Both from Joe Public as well as critics. Very good buy at this price.
  • AOK
    Costco also have this wine at a regular price of ~$15 each.
  • Captainjack
    Costco also have this wine at a regular price of ~$15 each.
    Is that for a single bottle AOK, or do you have to buy a certain minimum quantity?

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