57% Off LEGO Time Teacher Watch & Clock Set @ Deals Direct

57% Off LEGO Time Teacher Watch & Clock Set @ Deals Direct

I wish I'd had something as cool as this LEGO Time Teacher set for my daughter when she was learning to tell time, it's way more engaging than all those print-outs we used! If you are about to embark on teaching your child, the good news is that this awesome set is down from $68 to just $29 at Deals Direct. This one is hard to find in Australia, so grab it while you can.

In this set you get a bunch of teaching aids that kids will actually think are FUN. For starters, there's a LEGO Watch with interchangeable links, and this comes in a very unisex colour scheme; there are also teaching cards and a buildable learning clock for practising telling time.

If you've ever taught a child to tell time before, you'll know that certain features really help. Some things I couldn't have done without when I taught my daughter include having different shading on the "past" and "to" sides of the clock, and having the hour and minute hand labelled - because kids seem to get these mixed up all the time. The watch and clock of this LEGO set include both of those features, and it's definitely going to help kids nail the basics.

I absolutely love that this set comes with loads of teaching cards because practising really is the best way to help the rules sink in, and the beauty of these cards is that kids can even test themselves.

Love it. Think I'd better stash a set for my youngest who will embarking on all of this in a few years!

Standard shipping is $9.95.


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