Evo Trolley Bags (4pk) $22 Delivered @ Deals Direct

Evo Trolley Bags (4pk) $22 Delivered @ Deals Direct

With single-use plastic bags are (kind of) a thing of the past at Woolworths and Coles, cloth and reusable bags are hard to live without. If you haven't yet equipped yourself with a great set of bags, or like me you find yourself having to buy bags every time you do the big shop, get over to Deals Direct FAST! Evo Original Trolley Bag sets of four are down from $59.95 to just $22 each, and they deliver FREE!

Trolley bags are a system of four reusable bags that are attached together by Velcro. Once your trolley is empty and it's time to pack, you simply place the bags on the trolley and in one fluid motion, spread them open to pack your gear. Then, simply disconnect each bag to place in your car boot.

The Express Trolley Bags are also available at this sale, and they're perfect if you tend to you the smaller trolleys when you shop.

I'm seeing more and more people with these sets in use, especially at Aldi, and I've envied how these organised people don't have to deal with hurling their groceries in to the trolley amidst the rushed checkout process, only to have to re-pack everything at the benches. At this price, it's definitely time I invest in a set.

If you're after something different, check out our roundup of the Best Trolley Bags in 2019 - there's something for all budgets and uses.

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  • Michelle C.

    Im awaiting on my order, should get in monday.

  • Meegan B.

    I've got these. They are great.

  • Chynna C.

    These would good if you shop at Aldi

  • Olivia G.

    Ohhhhh love that idea!!!!

  • Siobhan C.

    these are the ones we have for Aldi shopping

  • Tracey R.

    I already have these brought them in Bali. Awesome :thumbsup:

  • Marisa B.

    I will look into this. Thank you..