50% off Bonds and Vodafone Starter Packs, $3.99 Connoisseur Sticks, $1 John West Tuna at Woolworths (starts Wednesday)

50% off Bonds and Vodafone Starter Packs, $3.99 Connoisseur Sticks, $1 John West Tuna at Woolworths (starts Wednesday)

Hello people, here’s a list of the 50% off or better offers at Woolies this week….

Connoisseur Sticks 360-456ml Pk 4/6 for $3.99
Kirks Can Varieties 10 x 375ml for $4.45
Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrush Pk 1 for $1
John West Tuna 95g for $1
Always Fresh Relish 230-245g for $2.50
Fruttare Fruit Smoothie Sticks 300ml Pk 4* for $3.49
The Natural Confectionery Co. or Bulla Everyday Multi Packs Pk 6-14 for $3
Mission Mini Wrap Varieties 384g Pk 8 for $2.39
Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes Varieties Cans 30 x 375ml for $14
Mother Energy Drink 4 x 500ml for $5.47
Golden Circle Drink 1 Litre for $1.07
Lindt or Nestle Medium Bars 35-65g for $1
Continental Standard Pasta & Sauce 85-115g or Rice Standard Pack 115-120g for $1
Heinz Seriously Good Whole Egg Mayonnaise or Aioli 460-470g for $3.24
Mother Earth Peanut Butter 380g for $2.50
Sanitarium So Good Almond Milk UHT 1 Litre for $1.64
Mrs Macs Microwaveable Single Pie 200g or Sausage Roll 175g for $1.12
Marathon Spring Rolls 640g for $2.57

Home & Media
Vodafone Smart Mini 7 for $34.50
1/2 Price All Vodafone Starter Packs
Kingsford BBQ Fuel 3.49 kg for $7
10% off Event Cinema $50 Gift Card or City Beach $50 Gift Card

Back to School
Scrap Book 72 Pages for $1
Papermate Inkjoy Fashion Assorted Pk 10 for $2.65
Papermate Kilometric Ballpoint Pen Blue or Assorted Pk 10 for $2.40
Essentials Document Holder for $1
Contact A4 Book Sleeves – Available in assorted colours for $1
Essentials Sheet Protector A4 Pk 20 for $1

House & Cleaning
Ambi Pur Toilet Flush 5-in-1 55ml for $2.05
Cuddly Fabric Conditioner 900ml-1 Litre for $4.49
Quilton Toilet Tissue Pk 8 for 3.50

Health & Beauty
Colgate Plax Mouthwash 250ml for $2
Blackmores Odourless Fish Oil 1000mg Capsules Pk 400 for $19.50
Brut Deodorant 150g for $3.15
Johnson’s Body Wash 1 Litre for $5
Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 700ml for $6
Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner 350/400ml for $6.25
Colgate Advanced Whitening Tartar Control Toothpaste 120g for $2.39
Blackmores Fish Oil 1000mg Capsules Pk 400+ for $15

Also, 50% off Bonds

Offers will be available in store and online between the 11th-17th of Jan. 2017.


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