Air Fryers From $49.52 Delivered (with code) - Various Sizes @ eBay

For guilt-free comfort food!
Air Fryers From $49.52 Delivered (with code) - Various Sizes @ eBay

If you've been thinking of grabbing yourself an air fryer for winter, click over to eBay now! The OzPlaza eBay store currently has 20% off most kitchen appliances (with code PEOFY) and popular air fryers can be found as low as $49.52 with free shipping. Needless to say, these are selling by hundreds!

The incredible thing about these popular cookers is that you can fry food without oil. Hot air is circulated throughout the machine, giving similar results to fried food - without the mess, calories and fat.

The 4L 5-Star Chef Air Fryer comes down to $49.52 for the white version, or $54.32 for the black, and it's an excellent option if you're looking to use it to whip up side dishes and snacks.

If you're planning on cooking larger meals in your air fryer, a Devanti 7L Air Fryer could be a better size, and it's down to $84.72 for the "knob" version.

Most models have timers, temperature control and anti-slip feet for safety. You also get a bonus cookbook with some units to get you started with some simple meals and snacks.

French fries are something I simply cannot live without - I need one of these cookers in my life STAT!


  • Enter code PEOFY at checkout to reduce the listed priced by 20%

Discount ends 9th June, 2019. These air fryers ship FREE in Australia.


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