Cleaning Socks $2.29 Per Pair @ eBay

Cleaning Socks $2.29 Per Pair @ eBay

If you completely dread cleaning your house, particularly when it comes to mopping, these handy sock mops might come in very handy. In fact, you might even be able to convince the kids that cleaning is fun! You can pick up a pair for just $2.29 delivered at eBay right now.

These chenille and microfibre socks are designed to slip right over your shoe or even an existing mop if it needs rejuvenation. These clean beautifully, without scratching and without those pesky streaks the mop always leaves behind.

You can use these to clean windows, cars, floors, bench tops - you name it really. They are definitely a multi-purpose cleaning tool - and kind of hilarious as well. Always a good thing.

These mops ship FREE from China, and will take a few weeks to arrive.


  • Hans H.

    Forget the kids... I want a couple pair

  • Nay M.

    we need these in our lives

  • Emma B.

    :ok_hand_tone2: perfect gift idea for the kiddies, they'll love em

  • Mel W.

    this still stop the kids heavy feet :joy:

  • Kristy I.

    maybe we should get some of these :joy:

    • Sarah D.

      Could you imagine the look on people’s faces :joy:

  • Alicia S.

    Cleaning and working those leg muscles at the same time :joy:

  • Casey L.

    Haha I would have blue ones lol :joy: nice it would make our job a little easier lol

  • Lex B.

    I think they will slide around the house making more mess after breaking things

  • Amy B.

    let’s get these for the kids for Christmas hahaha

  • Mandy S.

    for your visitors when they come to see you lol

  • Louise R.

    we need these for wet floors at work! lol clean and look stylish

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