48 Kids' Vinyl Name Labels $5 (was $19.99) @ Groupon

48 Kids' Vinyl Name Labels $5 (was $19.99) @ Groupon

Christmas hasn't even arrived, how can we be thinking about the next school year, right? I hear you. But, this is such a fab deal, it's actually a bit of a no-brainer for any mum. For just $5 you can pick up a pack of 48 personalised, vinyl kids' name labels. Total bargain.

The beauty of vinyl name labels is that they stick, and they stay on - for ages! (I've been using vinyl labels on my daughter's school containers for four years now, and they're still going strong.)

They are dishwasher safe and stick to most surfaces; they also look super cute and they help keep those belongings OUT of the lost property. Because none of us like wading through the lost property box on a Friday arvo.

If you have more than one child who needs labels, there are options for more sets:

  • 1 x 48-pack Set Vinyl Labels $5 (was $19.99)
  • 2 x 49-Pack Set Vinyl Labels $9 (was $39.98)
  • 3 x 48-Pack Set Vinyl Labels $13 (was $59.97)
  • 4 x 48-Pack Set Vinyl Labels $17 (was $79.96)
  • 5 x 48-pack Set Vinyl Labels $21 (was $99.95)

There are loads of adorable, colourful designs to choose from - check them out here.

Once you purchase this offer, you'll receive your Groupon via email, and then you can get on with placing your order at Dinkleboo.

School year 2018 SORTED!


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