45% Off Toy Story Woody & Buzz RC Car @ Mr Toys Toyworld

45% Off Toy Story Woody & Buzz RC Car @ Mr Toys Toyworld

If you've got serious Toy Story fans in your life, they're going to flip over this speedy little remote-control car I've found - it's a replica of Andy's car from the movies! Usually $109 (or more), this hard-to-find vehicle is down to just $59 at Mr Toys Toyworld right now.

Remote-control cars are always a hit with kids (in my house, my kids fight over the RC Lamborghini more than any other toy), but I have to say that this Toy Story buggy is exceptionally cool.

It's got some awesome details like chunky gripping tyres, and big eyes and serious grill, and it even comes with Woody and Buzz articulated figures that can sit on top of the car. (Whether they stay on is another story, though.)

The controller has some fab novelty value to it. The car can not only be manoeuvred front and back, and side to side, but there is also a bonus wheel function that allows the user to spin the buggy 180 degrees on the spot.

I checked out some US reviews for this one and it's been a huge hit with the younger kids - super zippy, and easy to operate. It's recommended for ages four and above, and you will need batteries for the remote control and the car.

I've always got my eyes peeled for Toy Story merch (my kids love it), but I have to say I haven't seen this adorable vehicle anywhere at local stores. It's on clearance at Mr Toys Toyworld, so once it's gone, it's likely to be gone for good. Grab it while you can!

Standard shipping is $9.90.


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