41% Off The Unicorn Cookbook @ Book Depository

41% Off The Unicorn Cookbook

I'm so excited to get my hands on this book! From all accounts it is positively choc-full of unicorn glitter, sparkles and rainbows, and it's going to be perfect for unicorn fans and kids who are just getting into cooking. The best bit is that it's down to just $14.53 delivered!

This gorgeous hardback is going to make one spectacular gift for anyone who loves to bake, and also happens to have a bit of a thing for magic and unicorns.

Some of the gems tucked inside this book includes a rainbow swirl buttercream called Colour-me Buttercream, a Magical Explosion Cake and of course a Majestic Unicorn Cake, which is the birthday cake any unicorn lover deserves at least once in their life.

Get it on your bookshelf!

This book ships FREE to Australia.

Images: My Kitchen Drawer, Alix Carey


  • Kristie D.

    and i dont know how to bake lol

  • Nicole F.

    Omfg! That has to be the most magical book ever!!!

  • Teila D.

    Knowing her she probably wouldn't eat anything in it

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