40% Off The Original Makeup Eraser @ Scoopon

40% Off The Original Makeup Eraser @ Scoopon

Hoping to cut back on some of those beauty costs? The Original Makeup Eraser could help in a big way. It claims to be able to remove all makeup with nothing but water - and for the skeptics, reviews show that this clever rag does actually seem to work! Grab it now for just $19, and save 40% off the full price.

The Original Makeup Eraser is made of woven polyester, and by removing makeup with nothing but a little water, it cuts out A LOT from regular beauty routines: chemical-filled cleansers and harsh makeup removers, and all those cotton pads, balls, buds and wipes - not to mention the time that can go into end-of-the-day routines.

You can throw the Makeup Eraser in the machine whenever you need, and it will keep on giving for up to 1000 washes.

It is available in pink, purple, black, white, navy and red.

As far as I'm concerned, anything that will save money and my skin at the same time, is well worth a shot. And at 40% off, this is a cracking beauty buy.

Standard shipping starts at $6.95.


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