3PC Night Before Christmas Plate Set Just $6 @ Kmart

The kids will LOVE this!
3PC Night Before Christmas Plate Set Just $6 @ Kmart

One of the highlights of Christmas Eve, aside from watching the carols on TV until way past bedtime, is the careful placing of cookies and carrots on the kitchen bench or mantel for Santa and his reindeer. Thanks to Kmart, you can now serve up those essential snacks on some purpose-built crockery - and it's just $6 per set!

In this crazy-cute set, you get three pieces of stoneware:

  • 1 x Santa Plate
  • 1 x Reindeer Plate
  • 1 x Elf Plate

Christmas Eve is always chaotic in my house, and I'm fairly certain we've wound up using a plastic kiddie plate for Santa's treats most years. But this year, I'm definitely going to step things up a notch with this beautiful set.

I still can't quite believe this is only $6 and not plastic! It's an absolute no-brainer if you've got young kids under your roof.

This is just one of many brilliant Christmas decor items Kmart has in its 2019 range, and as always, the prices are brilliant. Make sure you check it all out!

Standard shipping is $10 at Kmart, or you can use Click & Collect.


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