3M LEGO-Compatible Brick Tape (2 Studs) $9 Delivered @ Kogan

3M LEGO-Compatible Brick Tape $9

If LEGO is rather a big deal in your house, this is deal to snap up ASAP. Kogan has three-metre long sets of LEGO-compatible brick tape down to just $9 each, and you get FREE shipping!

Brick tape has been an absolute game changer in LEGO play. Kids (and adults, of course) can now build pretty much anywhere - on walls, on table legs, shelves, or window sills, even upside down.

Taking into account that one-metre LEGO brick tape sells for $8 at a budget department store, this offer is a ripper. You get three metres of tape for just $9, and it delivers free.

Options include:

There are also twin-packs (2 x 3M rolls) for $14 delivered.

Go get it!

FREE shipping and discount for a limited time.

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