360° Spinning Cosmetic Organiser $16.57 Delivered @ eBay Store: ozcctv

360° Spinning Cosmetic Organiser $16.57 Delivered @ eBay Store: ozcctv

How much easier would THIS make our lives? Cosmetics are renowned for causing organisational chaos in bathrooms - especially when you have a partner who hogs way more of the vanity that he/she is entitled to! This BRILLIANT makeup caddy is the solution we all need. And at just $16.57 delivered, it's cheap!

It comes as no surprise that this seller has offloaded hundreds of these units, and has many happy customers. This rotating set takes care of all that makeup that is routinely strewn around the edges of our bathrooms, and gives it all a home - a rotating home, no less!

It's white, made of high quality acrylic, and it has loads of different compartments that are purpose-built for makeup storage. There are nooks that your lippies will love, and grooves that nail polishes were made for. Plus, there are some handy sections in the top of the unit that are perfect for storing cosmetics brushes upright, and keeping bristles out of the soup on your vanity.

And this is me adding it to my cart...!

This item is based in Australia, and ships FREE.


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  • Amanda I.

    Omg I love it!:heart_eyes:Thank yehn!