30% Off Maxwell & Williams Glass Drink Dispensers + Free Shipping @ Zanui

30% Off Maxwell & Williams Drink Dispensers

If you're hosting Christmas this year, or perhaps tend to have a constant flow of gatherings at your place throughout summer, these gorgeous glass drink dispensers could come in very handy. They are reduced by 30% right know to as low as $23.97 delivered!

Click here for 30% off Maxwell & Williams Drink Dispensers @ Zanui

The beauty of these drink dispensers is that you just full them up, load them with a delicious bevvy, fruit and ice, and then let your guest serve themselves. No more getting up every five minutes to fetch drinks for all those kids - imagine it!

There are three sizes available:

Each unit has a metal lid with a tight seal, a chrome-plated tap (easy enough for kids to use), and they come with a stand. But the best bit is that they are dishwasher safe. Brilliant!

Free shipping ends 11:59 p.m on 11th December, 2017.

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