2M Rollmatz Playmats From $11.97 @ Amazon Australia

2M Rollmatz Playmats From $11.97 @ Amazon Australia

I've been on the hunt for a playmat of a decent size for a while now, and I think I've finally found it. These Rollmatz measure two metres on their longest side and they are absolutely perfect for kids to play on. You can buy these as low as $11.97 from Amazon now.

Each playmat is three milimetres thick and has an anti-smudge surface. They're lightweight, hygienic, and best of all they are bright, with designs that kids can actually utitlise in their games.

These are particularly fabulous for kids who are nuts about toy vehicles as there are road tracks on each mat.

These are the options:

Love them! Now it's just a matter of choosing!

Standard shipping starts at $5.99. Shipping is FREE over $49 on eligibel products.


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