$33 Off NEW Disney Princess Belle Enchanted Dollhouse @ Zanui eBay Store

$33 Off NEW Belle Enchanted Dollhouse

Oh my! A Belle-inspired dollhouse is HERE! It's tall, it's grand, it's totally princess-y, and it's going to thrill little (and big) Beauty and the Beast fans no end. You'll find it on sale right now at Zanui's eBay store for $186.96.

Kidkraft creates some of the coolest and most feature-packed wooden dollhouses around, but I think the new Belle Enchanted Dollhouse positively takes the cake. It has three storeys, and includes a ballroom, throne room and Belle's bedroom. There are balconies on each side of the castle, an exquisitely grand golden staircase, and 12 pieces of furniture - including Lumiere!

I find tall dollhouses to be so much more engaging for kids, and at 118 centimetres tall, kids can actually stand up and play with this one. Plus, at this height, it's big enough to fit all those Barbie-sized dolls.

You will also find the Belle Dollhouse on the Zanui website, however shipping charges vary greatly, and tend to be higher than the eBay listing.

Sale ends 18th April, 2018. Shipping is $16.43 around Australia.


  • Teaghan R.

    It's really awesome I love it

  • Sarah O.

    Yes.... this is amazing :scream::scream::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Julia P.

    Oh my lord that is lovely lol

  • Jacqui C.

    I think we 'need' to have this at home for the kids

  • Ysabelle J.

    Omg. I'll buy one. The kids can't touch it though haha

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