20% Off Set of 4 Trolley Bags + FREE Delivery @ eBay

20% Off Set of 4 Trolley Bags + FREE Delivery @ eBay

Single-use plastic bags are officially being discontinued at our major supermarkets from June/July this year, so this set of four large trolley bags will come in very handy for your grocery shopping going forward. It's marked down to $39.95 delivered right now.

The beauty of this set, as opposed to using single cloth bags, is that in one simple action the system spreads out across the trolley giving you an open, upright series of bags to pop your groceries straight into. Each bag is connected to the next with Velcro, so once you get to the car you just pull each bag apart to load up the boot.

The fact that they're colour coded helps to keep products separate - no one wants their laundry powder in with the apples!

Needless to say, with the news of out major supermarkets ditching single use plastic bags, this trolley system is selling fast, so you'd move fast to grab one at this price. (I've noticed they are selling out elsewhere as well.)

There's also the set of four Trolley Bags for shallow trolleys. These ones aren't as deep as the regular ones.

End of single-use plastic bags:

  • Woolworths: 20th June, 2018
  • Coles: 1st July, 2018

These bags ship FREE around Australia.


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