20% Off Leather School Shoes @ Clarks

20% Off Leather School Shoes @ Clarks

Get ready to move like lightning! Clarks is currently running 20% off ALL school shoes, and yes, it includes the best-selling school shoe in the country, the Daytona!

For many Aussie parents, Clarks is their go-to store for quality school shoes that actually last the distance, so it's little surprise that the entire school range sells like hotcakes in January.

All of these shoes are made from premium leather and specifically designed to support and protect young feet. In fact, they are all podiatrist approved.

These are some of the top styles:

If you've got Treasure X fans in your life, they're going to love the Kraken by Clarks. Not only is it a brilliant school shoe with the look and feel of a sports shoe, but it has a hidden compartment of treasure in the heel! Usually $139.95, you can buy it now for $119.96.

Similarly, the Shopkins edition of the Bluebell II has a hidden Shopkins toy in the heel, and a themed sole - heaps of fun for the younger kids just starting out at school this year. You can buy it on sale now for $111.96.

It's not clear when the 20% discount offer will wrap up, so don't take your chances, and get over there STAT.

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Standard shipping at Clarks is $9.95 or free over $99.


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