20% Off Official Harry Potter Acceptance Letter Purse @ ThinkGeek

20% Off Harry Potter Letter Purse

For true Potter fans, this is the purse you need in your life. This is the official Harry Potter Acceptance Letter Purse by ThinkGeek, and it's down by 20% right now to just $30! (US$23.99)

The Potter-loving world completely geeked out when this purse was introduced, and it's pretty easy to see why. I mean a Hogwarts letter of acceptance, a wax seal, and something to carry your Muggle money? Perfect.

The purse is a zip-up style, the best in my opinion because you can keep everything contained safely. It has 12 card slots, and it measures around 19 x 10 centimetres.

Usually US$29.99. it's down US$23.99 right now, which is about AU$30.

My Potter-crazed daughter will go bananas over this. It's going straight in my cart.

Standard shipping is US$9.34, which is about AU$12.50.


  • Emma W.


  • Lan D.


  • Emilie F.

    Damn :anguished: that’s awesome!

  • Nicole H.

    Aw man I just got a new purse!

  • Ellen P.

    Hahaha when my oroton wears out I’ll upgrade to this

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