20% Off NEW Unstable Unicorns Game @ Target

20% Off NEW Unstable Unicorns Game

With unicorns still leading the way in the popularity stakes, there's little doubt that the new-release game, Unstable Unicorns is going to be a bestseller for Christmas 2018. The good news is that it's on sale right now at Target for just $27.20.

So, what's it about?

Well, Unstable Unicorns is actually a "strategy" card game, filed with various types of unicorns. It comes with 135 cards and a rule book, and be warned: this is not for the faint-hearted - there's full-scale unicorn destruction involved.

The idea is that each player starts with a baby unicorn, and then goes about building up their army of unicorns (each with a special power) before they are destroyed by another player.

Players can protect their unicorns using magic, or even get revenge on those who destroyed their beloved unicorns.

But hang on! There's a "neigh" card hidden in the mix somewhere, and if someone plays it...there's utter NEIGHhem!

The winner is the player who can collect a full army of unicorns first.

This game was a massive Kickstarter hit a little while back, raising well over its target amount in a very short period, and finally it's on shelves in Australia!

Go get it!

Standard shipping is $9 or FREE over $80. You can use FREE Click & Collect for this item.


  • Mel L.

    I reckon a board game could possibly end friendships nn

  • Mel L.

    What is cards against humanity?

  • Bec F.

    card game for horrible people

  • Mel L.

    it was made for us :joy:

  • Mel L.

    yes let's play

  • Bec F.

    cheese...beer...and games night :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Mel L.

    yes !!!!

  • Bec F.

    Deck ordered :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Mel L.

    I was just looking and trying to work it out . They have heaps of different sets even a Disney set

  • Mel L.

    Oh yeah this is going to be interesting :joy:

  • Bec F.

    Start with the starter pack... then we can buy expansion sets :joy:

  • Carlie K.

    Well we might just have to purchase one!

  • Kristal R.

    Haha I have this and the nsfw expansion already

  • Vas G.

    Ooooh, looks interesting :relaxed:

  • Mel L.

    this will be interesting :hugging:

  • Bec F.

    ordered deck, we’ll see soon :wink:

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