20% Off Kids' Trunki Suitcases + FREE Shipping @ eBay Store: discountbrandsaustralia

20% Off Trunki Suitcases SHIPS FREE

These have to be the lowest prices around on popular kids' Trunki suitcases, plus you get FREE shipping! Usually around the $80 mark, you can buy some styles as low as just $56.36 delivered, so if you've had your eye on these for a while, now is the time to grab them!

Trunki suitcases are absolutely brilliant for travelling with kids, not only because they are cute, quirky and practical, but they double as a ride-on! Kids can sit on these and be towed through the airport - very handy when they refuse to walk between terminals!

Check out the items still available:

  • Trixie $56.36
  • Terrance $56.76
  • Bernard the Bee $59.16
  • Bronco $60.76
  • Harley Ladybug $62.36
  • Boris London Bus $62.36
  • Hello Kitty $63.16
  • Tipu Tiger $63.96
  • Freida Cow $63.96
  • Freddie Fire Engine $64.76
  • Princess Carriage Pearl $64.76
  • Taxi Tony $64.76
  • Zebra Zimba $64.76
  • Roco Race Car $64.76
  • Giraffe Gerry $64.76
  • Cassie Cat $64.76
  • Pirate $65.56


  • Enter code PICNIC at checkout to take 20% off your purchase

Sadly, Una Unicorn is already sold out in this listing, but if you have your heart set on her, the next best price is at this seller for $82.95 delivered.

Discount offer ends 20th September, 2017. These items ship FREE.

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