20% Off Bundaberg Rum: Banana Toffee, Coffee Chocolate & Salted Caramel @ eBay

20% Off Bundaberg Rum Liqueurs

Did you know rum was made in flavours like this?! It's definitely news to me and I cannot wait to try them ALL! Over at eBay you save 20% off the price of these bottles (with code), and there's even the option to buy all four bottles in bulk, and save $50. Mother's Day is around the corner - know a mum who's partial to a sip o' rum?

Bundaberg has been around for ever and has a mass of fans at there, but I have a feeling that that fan base is about to grow even bigger with these yummy concoctions on the loose!

Take a look at the sale options below. Many of these are selling fast because they're hard to find elsewhere.


  • To reduce the price to reflect those above, you'll need to enter the code PRAISE at checkout. This will wipe 20% off.

Offer ends 7th May, 2018. Standard shipping is $8 from this seller.


  • Cameron S.

    Ooo salted caramel !

  • Cameron S.

    No surprises there :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Andy F.

    the bannana tofee is definatly the best

  • Ashareen K.

    when did this happen :joy::joy:

  • Jode D.

    Yes the coffee and chocolate add sounds good

  • Karen W.

    Ohh yea the banana one is the bomb

  • Jessica S.

    Think I'll stick to what I now

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