$30 Off Barbie Glamour Vacation Jet @ Toys R Us

$30 Off Barbie Glamour Vacation Jet @ Toys R Us

Oh my goodness, if my daughter had seen this a few years back, she would have moved heaven and earth to possess it! The Barbie Glamour Jet is big, pink and a must-have Barbie toy for any serious collector. Usually $177.96, you can buy it for a limited time for $147.96!

This Barbie gem is only available at Toys R Us, and apparently it's the must-have mode of transport for Barbie dolls - particularly Barbie Mariposa when her wings need a breather.

This jet is very WOW, and very big, which you really want from a toy of this price. It has large windows for viewing the pilot, working wheels, and a BIG glittery aircraft insignia. The plane opens up to reveal a spectacular internal cabin, with seats, storage, buckles, trays and a food cart.

Pretty glam, isn't it?

Standard shipping starts at $13.


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