20% Off BabyDam Bath Barrier + FREE Shipping @ eBay

20% Off BabyDam Bath Barrier + FREE Shipping @ eBay

The BabyDam is yet another genius invention that I wish I'd had a few years back. It basically enables you to shrink your bath and create a smaller, safer area for Bub. Usually $49.99, you can grab it now for just $39.96 at eBay (with code PARENT), and get FREE shipping.

So the first thing you're probably wondering is whether it fits your bath tub, and if you have a regular tub, it most likely will. The BabyDam is made to fit standard bath tubs with straight sides - so if you have a rounded spa bath, this won't work.

Take a look at the video below to see this in action - it really does look like a breeze to use. Simply pop it into your bath where you want to create a barrier, and it will seal to the bottom and sides of the bath and prevent water leakage.

What a fabulous way to make the bath tub a more suitable size for babies, and use less water as well.

Colour options:

  • orange, blue, pink & green


  • Enter code PARENT at checkout to bring the price down from $49.95 to $39.96

Offer ends 30th August, 2018. This item ships FREE.


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  • Dannielle S.

    Aww thats awesome :blush: funny thing is tho in about a week his gonna be filling out the whole tub

  • Kaylee A.

    Omg thats brilliant!

  • Jessica H.

    this is cool