20% Off Artiss Single Racing Car Bed + FREE Shipping @ eBay

20% Off Artiss Single Racing Car Bed + FREE Shipping @ eBay

Do you know a little person who will be heading into a single bed soon? This racing car bed is going to add a lot of excitement to the transition, and it's a bargain at just $143.12 delivered right now.

Probably the biggest reason I adore this particular bed for tots is that it's low to the ground. Every parent knows that the possibility of kids falling from their "big kiddie bed" can be very worrying, and quite often we have to resort to expensive side rails to keep kids safe. With this single bed, there's no need. Not only does it sit right on the floor, but there are high side panels for extra security.

You'll notice that the end of the bed frame is conveniently lower than the mattress, and this means little ones can crawl in and out from the end as well as the sides. Very handy if the end of the bed faces the door, and kids like to dive right onto the mattress.

This racer also has a very handy bed head that can be used for standing a small lamp, a nightlight, or am alarm clock. It's also a handy spot to pop books when reading time is over.

There are massive Lightning McQueen vibes with this one, and any little Disney Cars fan is going to love it. (I know mine would!)


  • Enter code PINEAPPLE at checkout to reduce the price from $178.90 to $143.12 (expires 26th December, 2018)

This bed ships FAST & FREE in Australia.


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