2 x NEW Kids' Fluffy Headphones For $20 @ Target

2 x NEW Kids' Fluffy Headphones For $20 @ Target

Once young kids start enjoying tablets and other forms of electronic entertainment, headphones become a parent's best friend. Target has just released some seriously cute sets: they're three-dimensional and they're fluffy! Right now you can buy two for $20, and use FREE Click & Collect.

These headphone sets have a one-metre cable, limited decibels of 85 (suitable for young ears), and they're comfortable to wear - unlike many others out there.

Styles include: panda, dog, bunny and unicorn - and I think it's safe to say the unicorns are going to fly off shelves, so you'd better move fast for them!

2 x NEW Kids' Fluffy Headphones For $20 @ Target
Source: Target Australia

These headphones are usually $12 each, so you're saving a few dollars by picking up two in one hit; you can always stash one for a gift along the way if you don't need two pairs right now.

Between my daughter's iPad and my son's Disney Cars tablet, I pretty much never get a moment's piece - I need these STAT. Plus, let's face it, kids are going to look pretty adorable wearing them.

(Bear in mind that online orders are chosen at random.)

You can use FREE Click & Collect for this offer, or standard shipping is $9 nationally.


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