2 x boxes of Muscle 2GO bars (24) in Nutrition Warehouse BOGOF shipped for $49.90 (vs $100+ elsewhere)

2 x boxes of Muscle 2GO bars (24) in Nutrition Warehouse BOGOF shipped for $49.90 (vs $100+ elsewhere)

Nutrition Warehouse's "deal of the week" is a buy-1-get-1-free on boxes of Muscle 2GO bars by Balance. Looks like the offer expires at around midday on Friday.

When you add one of these boxes (12 bars) to your cart, it'll automatically give you the second box for free. So no need to add two boxes upfront.

To get the price mentioned in the title of $49.90, you need to make sure that you're not logged in and then once you go to view your cart make sure you do the following:

1. Enter the promo code "CFV277" below your list of cart items.
2. Click the Checkout button and choose the "Checkout as Guest" option.
3. Uncheck the "freight protection" option costing $2.95 (not necessary in my experience).
4. Tick the "Instantly get $5 off this order" checkbox to sign up to the newsletter (see right hand side of screen).

This will drop your final shipping-included price down to $49.90.

Price compare these boxes of Muscle 2GO bars elsewhere online and you'll quickly see that two boxes will cost you at least $100+. So in effect by purchasing through Nutrition Warehouse you're getting a minimum of 50% off compared to other online retailers.

The key benefits of these Muscle 2GO bars include:
* Providing convenient all-round muscle support for those 'on the run'
* Contain 32g of protein to contribute to muscle mass development
* Have added creatine and glutamine to support muscle mass maintenance
* Support muscle growth and recovery
* Contain less than five grams of carbs

NOTE: Sometimes after ticking the "Instantly get $5 off order" checkbox it doesn't apply the extra $5 discount. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the checkout screen where you'll see it should have inserted the code "$5OFF" into the Gift Card field. You may need to hit the Apply button in order for it to reduce the order total.


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  • wfdTamar
    Seems to be Toffee Fudge flavour only. If you really want bargain protein (that's healthier than these things) have a look at a tin of sardines.