18-Pack Paw Patrol Surprise Eggs $24.99 (value $48) @ Catch

18-Pack Paw Patrol Surprise Eggs $24.99 (value $48) @ Catch

What could be better than Easter eggs? Paw Patrol eggs, of course! These super cute little Paw Patrol Surprise Eggs are perfect for eggs hunts and Easter gifts, and you can buy a bulk pack for just $24.99 at Catch. This is a great incentive to get organised for Easter early!

When you take into account that these Paw Patrol Surprise eggs are usually around $3 each in stores, you're saving almost HALF by buying this bulk pack, plus it comes in a handy crate, which is easy to store until Easter comes 'round.

So what's in them?? Well look away now if you don't want the surprise ruined!

Surprise Eggs contain: a packet of jelly beans, Paw Patrol stickers, and a collectable paw Patrol surprise!

These are not only awesome for egg hunts and gifts, but great party favours for kids' birthdays at any time of year as well.

Go get 'em!

Standard shipping starts at $6.95.


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