166PC Magnetic Building Tiles Set $39.89 @ eBay

166PC Magnetic Building Tiles Set $39.89 @ eBay

Magnetic tiles are heaps of fun, in fact they're become a hit in kindergartens, school and homes because they enable kids' imaginations to fly. Expect to pay at least $50 for a set of this size, but you can grab it at eBay for just $39.89 right now.

The tiles come in various shapes and colours, and being magnetised, they stick together, so kids can build outwards, upwards and any way they want. I imagine this would be a great de-stresser for busy kids, not to mention a handy toy for building on logic and creativity.

This particular set comes with a variety of different shaped tiles, including hexagons, pentagons, triangles and squares, as well as sticker sheets and a wheel base for vehicular creations.

The set comes in a carry case with an instruction booklet.

This is a good starter kit for little builders, and a lot less expensive than many branded magnetic tile sets out there. Grab yourself a bargain!

Standard shipping for this set is $3.99.


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