$15 Off Site-Wide When Spend $75+ :EG: Prinetti Elite NutriBlitz 2000W Blender with LCD $84 [ RRP $499.95 ] +shipping @ OO.com.au


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$15 Off Site Wide When Spend $75+ :EG: Prinetti Elite NutriBlitz 2000W Blender with LCD $84 [ RRP $499.95 ] +shipping.

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Don't fill up your benchtop with 10 sets of different kitchen appliances, get it all done with the one mega machine! The Nutriblitz Blender gives you the perfect solution to creating easy, delicious and healthy meals with minimal effort and time. With 30, 000 revolutions per minute, this powerhouse will grind, crush and liquify to give you fine, smooth results like never before. You are given the option of taking control and using your preferred settings with your food prep or using 1 of the 6 preset functions that are time-saving and convenient. The food pusher on top makes it easy to fill the 2.25 Litre jug with your favourite ingredients. Made with strong tritan plastic, the longevity and durability of your product is ensured.

Try the 50 exciting recipes that are included with your blender or become the chef of your own amazing creations. It's elegant simplicity makes it easy enough for the whole family to use. Bring back creativity, vitality and health to your kitchen with the top quality Prinetti NutriBlitz Blender.

Using the Preset Functions

High - Blends at high speed, total time is 1 minute. You can select this preset for any blending jobs that do not fall
in the category of the other presets and requires high speed blending.

Auto - This preset can be used for any general food types that do not fit in the other preset categories. Blend time
for this preset is 3 minutes.

Puree - This preset is ideal for blending vegetable purees. The blend time is 1 minute 30 seconds.

Soy Milk - This is the longest preset at 6 minutes and is ideal for blending Soy milk (along with other nut milks).

Sauce - Ideal for whipping up your favourite sauces and pastes, the preset time is 1 minute.
Smoothie - Use this preset for all your smoothie creations, this preset is 30 seconds in duration, enough to blend
all your fruit and vegetables into a delicious smoothie drink.

Soup - Use this preset to blend your soup creations. Most soups will require the ingredients to be pre cooked on
the stove and then added to the Blender to mix it into a smooth soup texture. Due to the high power friction force,
this preset will heat your soup to a nice hot temperature for immediate consumption.

Grind - This preset is ideal for grinding nuts and coffee and the preset time is 35 seconds.


NutriBlitz Blender
2000 Watt Motor
2.25L Strong Tritan Plastic Jug with Measuring Grid
Functions at 30, 000 RPM
Blends whole fruits and vegetables in seconds
Grind, crush, liquefy
Puree, make soups, smoothies, soy milk and sauces
Large LCD Display
Adjustable Timer Settings
Adjustable Speed Control
Includes a Food Pusher
Friction Force Heating: the speed of the blades create friction that heats up your fresh ingredients in minutes
6 Preset Functions
50 Recipes Booklet Included
Colours: Black & Silver

Download the instruction manual here
Package Contents

1 x NutriBlitz Blender (with parts included for assembly)
1 x Instruction Manual

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