12PC Mesh Food Storage Bags $11.99 Delivered @ eBay

12PC Mesh Food Storage Bags $11.99 Delivered @ eBay

While single-use plastic bags are being phased out at the checkout, there are still hundreds of them being used in the fresh produce department every day. If you're all for fighting the war on plastic, consider these reusable mesh food storage bags a great option. They're just $11.99 for 12 bags in various sizes.

It's become impossible to ignore just how much plastic we use on a daily basis, and if you're looking for ways you can cut back even more in your home, bags like these will definitely help. They come colour-coded and in different sizes to help you organise your fresh food.

They are made of transparent polyester (no plastic!), and they have an easy-use drawstring. The beauty of these bags is that you can wash them when needed, and keep using them over and over.

Just don't forget to take them with you to the supermarket! Keep some in the car with your green bags at all times.

NOTE, if this seller's stock runs low, you'll find the exact same bags here for $13.20.

These bags ship FREE.


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