Zazzmania - Amazing USB Dock for SATA HDDs - $45.00

31 May 2008

"We need that data ASAP!" yelled the Boss Man. "Somebody find it now or this company is going to go belly up!" "But Boss Man. We don't know which SATA HDD it's on. We don't even know if it's on a 2.5 or a 3.5. And look at them all." They gestured weakly to a pile of hard drives dumped on a nearby desk. Boss Man looked into the heavens and whispered. "SuperGeek, we need you! Without your help we're ruined"

They all looked to the heavens, waiting, waiting. Just then Jeff the tech guy strolled into the office. "Hey guys what's with all the sad faces? What's going on?" Almost as one they blurted out the problem. "We're waiting for SuperGeek to save us!" Choked one.

"Ummmm, guys you know if you'd just called me I could've brought over the SATA HDD USB Dock?" They looked at him blankly. "You know that thingy that plugs into your PC and docks 2.5 or 3.5 SATA HDDS?" Still no sign of comprehension.

"Sigh. You know, so instead of having to dismount anything or open up your computer you just take the HD, slot it into the base, connect the base to your Mac or PC via USB, and it will appear on your desktop. Works just like an iPod dock! Even you guys could do it." Slowly their faces began to show signs of understanding.

"It's designed exactly for places like this where people need fast access to uninstalled or archived drives and wanna save time and hassle. And with data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps (using USB 2.0) you can get what you need quick as a flash."

Jeff stared at them accusingly. "So. What I really wanna know is, why the hell didn't you call me first? I am the tech guy you know. And earth to Boss Man! SuperGeek doesn't exist!" Silence. Finally Boss Man muttered. "Sorry mate. We panicked. Umm could you go get us that SATA HDD USB Dock now?"

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  • Wally
    That Zazz advertising copy is invariably and infinitely Crapoozoid! IMHO Gawd help us if starts virally appearing here like regularly

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