Zazz-Power Consumption Meter-Measure and track your electricity usage $29.95 + $6.95 shipping

16 August 2009

Not an exceptionally low price for this, but a reminder that we all need to take a bit of care on how we use electricity.

See how much each item you have plugged it is costing you.

* Power meter model MS6115
* Displays voltage, frequency, amps consumed, power rating
* Displays peak line power recorded (from memory)
* Displays accumulative total electricity consumption
* Adjustable maximum overload warning
* Stores 2 different kWh prices for on/off peak measurements (can be weekdays vs. weekends, specific days etc)
* Measures current from 0.2A to 10A (+/- 3% accuracy)
* Measures voltages from 200V-276V (+/- 3% accuracy)
* Measures power from 0-3010W (+/- 4% accuracy)
* Clock accuracy +/- 1 minute per month
* Power consumption less than 2 watts
* Operating temperature range -10°-40°C
* Maximum continuous power capacity 2400W (10A)
* Memory preserved when unplugged by 2x AG13 batteries (included) - lasts about 3 months without power
* Dimensions 120x64x59mm
* LCD Screen 20x35mm

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