ZAZZ one day! USB Dock for 3.5 & 2.5" SATA HDDs $49.70 + $9.90 shipping

17 April 2008

Plug any 2.5 or 3.5" SATA HDD to your PC at any time!

Docking station lets you quickly connect/disconnect bare SATA drives from your PC
Dock connects to PC via USB2.0 cable, powered by 240v plugpack, both included
No need to muck around with fiddly connectors, or power PC on/off
Both 3.5 in and 2.5in SATA drives (not included) can be fitted into dock, one-at-a-time
Drives eject easily by simply pressing button on front of unit

No need to do other than just slot in the spare drive you have into this dock.

Optional purchase of Samsung SATA 320Gb for $88.90


  • sandgroper
  • sandgroper
    The Samsung HD321KJ 320GB SATA II Hard Drive offered with this dock for $88.90 isnt that bad a price really, but it will cost you an extra $2 to have it delivered with the dock If you want to save a few bucks the cheapest store looks to be Netplus at $78 with free delivery for OCAU members so possibly $12 cheaper there.
  • admin EDITOR
    That craps on the sata deal you posted earlier -
  • sandgroper
    Sure does but be aware this is a one day deal so get in quick if you fancy one. I really like the idea myself ;)
  • hellwolf
    Unfortunately I've only got one SATA drive and it's in my computer. I have around 5 IDE hard disks, it's annoying having to screw them into the external case each time I want to swap them around.
  • bigal
    There's a USB IDE3.5&2.5"/SATA cable with power supply that you can get for less than $50. I am told you can plug in one IDE and one SATA drive simultaneous too! this is really for convenience, hot from me!

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