Zazz - MediaMate Wireless Player - $179

31 May 2008

MediaMate Wireless Player

Wireless Lan, DVI enclosure only

Have you noticed that television programmes of late have been getting worse and worse? Sure we get the occasional "Lost" or "Coupling" but 95% of general free to air and subscription television programmes are absolute garbage. Take "Two and a Half Men", for instance. What the hell is that show about? The title alone has given my eleven year old sister nightmares on a number of occasions. Or what about "Big Brother"? Here's a great idea! Let's take a house in the middle of paradise, throw in sixteen nut-bags and an Orwellian reference that is sure to go over the heads of every competitor - and see what happens! Honestly, it's enough to make a sane man weep.

Well, have we got the solution for you - Why should you plug a computer into your television? Because it means your favourite TV shows are on when YOU want them to be. You can forget about missing "Family Guy" because you were meeting the in-laws - just download the episode*, copy it to your MediaMate and press play. It couldn't be easier. Plus, if you bought one of our TV tuners, it's a cinch to turn your PC and Media Player into a poor man's TiVo.
Better yet, rip your favourite DVD movies onto your PC*, copy them to your MediaMate via your home network and they're ready to be watched too! No more tip-toeing around to avoid scratching disks! It even supports Dolby Digital, to give you the real cinema experience!
You'd better arrange your living room a bit better, too, because beyond the obvious advantages with film and television, the MediaMate is also an exceptional music player. Copy across all your tracks* in MP3 or WMA form, and you've got a serious dance party on your hands.

The MediaMate is an exceptional example of the future of television. It has a 10/100 LAN port, making it even easier to connect to your PC, a USB2.0 connection for supported peripherals, it's light and compact and can even output through coaxial digital, component video AND S-Video connections. The Wireless model allows you to connect via your PC or Networks Wireless point. (This allows you to communicate of the device without the need for wires - very handy for the cable concious.)

What a bargain for television the way YOU want it, 24/7.

Grab yours today they won't be here tomorrow!

* Note: We cant work out whether Australian copyright law protects transferring of digital material for personal use, we tried but the act was really big and had long words in it like Ombudsman. Zazz does not endorse stealing music, movies or television programmes - that stuff's for losers.


  • markw82
    i can't find it on the main site page or in the history ....they have a past deal with the player with harddrive from a couple months ago anyone else hav any luck? Thanks :D
  • holdenmg
    "Zazzmania (items such as this), to those who have not experienced it yet is a special day where Zazz changes format slightly and rather than selling one thing a day we sell many things. The time allocated per thingy varies between 15 - 20 mins unless sold out - in which case there will be a 4 minute break for you to catch your breath until the next thingy comes up. Usually very limited numbers of products are available, so you may have only seconds to get your order in, or it may pass through without selling out (fat chance). You'd better have your cards ready, because if you duck out to grab it, chances are it'll be gone! Either way, the next item is only minutes away."
  • markw82
    if only i was on at 1am lastnite ;) thanks!! :)
  • markw82
    sorry another question u know the maximum size hard drive the mediamate can handle? thx!
  • holdenmg
    Hi, sorry I don't know. I'm not associated with and I'm still waiting for a bargain although pricing inclusive of postage is a nice touch... That said, Zazzmania is still on and some of the items are coming up again. There would be a link to Specifications if the item were relisted. Good luck with it!
  • lilpretzel
    Warning!!! Never sign up to ZazzMania Tracker email alert, I have received over [SIZE=3]140 emails[/SIZE] since last night & they just keep coming!!! :eek: How do you unsubscribe when you subscribed using the ZazzMania Tracker?? :spiteful:
  • holdenmg Go to "Subscriptions" and uncheck "Subscribe to daily notification of new products" RSS is a better, less intrusive thing.
  • lilpretzel
    Thanks holdenmg I saw that option but I'm not a member, I think it will stop now, I have applied a automatic delete rule to the emails. :)
  • holdenmg
    Hi, I'm still waiting for a MacBook or a Firewire Drive listing from these people... I don't think it is going to happen though... I have a feeling I could be on the web all day :+( It kind of gets me in wondering what is going to be listed next.
  • leny
    It may be helpful if the merchant as well as the price were put into the thread title to not confuse Buckcoopers who may/may not be interested in this deal. :)
  • holdenmg
    The deal expired (and was marked as such) hours ago. Are you suggesting that ALL listings should have the merchant in thread header where it is already present in the listing proper? I'm happy to put the merchant in the header if there is space if this is ruled as mandatory and if everyone else does so. An example is your listing of: no mention of a specific merchant in the header/thread title...
  • leny
    If you read that thread, you will discover that multiple merchants and airlines are involved and it would be impractical to list all of those in the thread header which didn't have much space remaining. That thread was also awaited, as one leading up to it was made 2 days before I could get the full information from the supplier. I think that the information I put into that thread header was adequate, and it did not just state "Airfares" or similar. All of my other threads have sufficient information relating to the merchant and product or service that is being offered. I do think it should be mandatory, and as you will see, many Buckscoop participants have picked up this rather smart and helpful trend. It makes Buckscoop easier to read, and allows readers to eliminate threads they may not want to look at by three factors, and these are; the merchant, the product, and the price. Or, it may be the value of a certain discount or anything else as the facts can be substituted or added to depending on the nature of the deal.
  • lilpretzel
    It may be helpful if the merchant as well as the price were put into the thread title to not confuse Buckscoopers who may/may not be interested in this deal. :)
    Yes, it's very helpful, thank you leny for asking nicely :)
    Are you suggesting that ALL listings should have the merchant in thread header where it is already present in the listing proper? I'm happy to put the merchant in the header if there is space if this is ruled as mandatory and if everyone else does so.
    We have asked members to include these in the OP, as it's a huge help for everybody that uses this site. Some members are still learning how to post but we always try to edit and help when required. I will edit the remaining deals. More details can be found here... ]BuckScoop help: How to Compose and Submit Hot Deals, Contests or Freebies
    For "sale" posts, they are usually more straightforward, including the general gist of the sale and the retailer name. E.g. "Sale in-store @ Shoobiz - 50% off all reduced merchandise," as can be seen

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