Zazz - A cheap refurbished Desktop $158.95 delivered Aust wide

11 August 2009


* Ipex Convergence XL series
* Ubuntu Linux installed (or optional Windows XP Professional)
* Intel Celeron 2.8Ghz (EM64T capable) - can be upgraded - See for a list of upgradeable future options for the CPU.
* LGA775 CPU socket
* 533Mhz bus speed
* 1GB DDR2-533 RAM (two more DIMM slots available)
* Onboard Intel GMA950 graphics
* 80GB SATA Samsung HD080HJ
* DVD-RW Pioneer DVR-111D
* Intel D945GTP motherboard (945G chipset)
* Intel Pro/1000 Ethernet jack
* 8x USB2.0 ports (4 back, 4 front)
* 3x rear audio ports, 2x front
* PS/2 Keyboard/mouse ports
* 4x SATA ports, 1x PATA (with ATA-66/100 support)
* Super-quiet 90mm CPU fan
* 2x PCI slots available
* 1x PCI Express x1
* 1x PCI Express x16
* 300 watt power supply

Doesn't look like a bad deal to me. You can get the Linux version for $158.95 inc delivery or the XP Pro version for $198.95 (inc delivery).

The nice thing about it is that it's quite upgradeable if u decide to use it for more than just simple office and internet applications. The CPU can be upgraded to a Pentium 4 (which can be found pretty cheap these days through companies like UMART and Mwave). Also there's still 2 available DIMM slots for extra RAM if u need it. Still even with such upgrades, this would never be a gaming system, but should certainly suffice for a student/family internet ready PC. And if you can get one of those for under 200 bux delivered then I reckon that's not a bad deal.

Also of note is the large amounts of usb ports (8 in total) and the ability to expand hard disk drives etc with extra SATA ports.

Comes with a Zazz 12 month warranty. I've brought personally from them and there's not been an issue before.

Anyway this is my first ever buckscoop submission so please be gentle :)

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  • golfwidow
    Great job cnitso :) Just when you make a post if you could please put what store it is from first in your heading (like I have done) it would be a great help. Thanks :)

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