XP Micro - 320 gig drive + case $0.00 - and a bit of fun

30 November 2009

The add looks good. You get a 320 gig 2.5" external drive plus cover for $0.00. But I suspect that its only going to be $0.00 until they actually release it next Wednesday as part of their weekly wed deal.

But what I want to know ....

You can click through on the buy button and it takes you through the checkout process and charges you $0.01. I didnt go the whole hog but I want to know whether if you do they send you it for 1 cent, they simply wack you for whatever price they come up wtih (assuming thats how this works) on the 2nd or whether they will cancel your order.

Anyone want to try.


  • kazyazy
    Good one hehe :prop: I gave it a go fingers crossed it works lol
  • fishmonkey
    mmm, hard to imagine that a little computer shop out west is going to just roll over and give these away...
  • admin EDITOR
    Good one hehe :prop: I gave it a go fingers crossed it works lol
    :D - awesome. Be interesting to see what happens. I suspect fishmonkey is right. I could understand their promotion - ie it starts on the 2nd and this is just the ad - if they didnt have the buy now button active.
  • kazyazy
    I'm sure they won't send them out but as you say its a bit of fun lol :D
  • stilted
    its obviously a mistake - I feel sorry for the screw up.... Dell on the otherhand...has a team of people working on their website and they still make massive screw ups
  • kazyazy
    I got a message saying price will be available on the 2nd of Dec...so they won't be giving them out lol
  • vipulrm
    The site now says that it is $77...
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - does too. Was fun while it lasted...... they seem to have moved it off to its own page as well.

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