Xbox 360 core console $349 @ Target

2 October 2007

$349 at Target. Sale starts tomorrow. Good price for the basics. They also have some games on sale for $39.95


  • nod
    Not a bad price. Do you get any games with the offer Wheadle?
  • admin EDITOR
    I dont think so Nod - or at least I didnt see any on the flyer. I noticed that they had the DS Lite for sale at $199 as well.
  • nod
    That is a good price for the DS lite - you can pick it up at Quik shop for just under $192 and you can get 7.2% cashback and possibly a 3% discount code. But of course you will need to pay shipping. Oh and it is on back order So all that said. To just walk in and be able to pick up the DS Lite for $199 is pretty good Long winded I know :D
  • rak
    The recommended retail price of the DS lite is $199.95, so that doesn't seem like much of a bargain (] If you're not in a rush for a DS you're betting off waiting for a bundle deal and then either reselling the game if you don't like it or asking for a discount for the console without the game. For comparision, I walked in and bought mine at EB games for $174 earlier this year (during a bundle deal).
  • nod
    Welcome to Buckscoop Rak And thanks for the feedback. Wise words about the 'wait for a bundle deal'.
  • admin EDITOR
    heya rak - ta for that. EB seems to have pretty good prices from what I've seen. DSE had it going out for a bunch cheaper than 199 a while back but it was only for a week or so. Do you know of any good bundle deals around at the moment?
  • lilpretzel
    Kmarts Deal

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