WOW sight and sound 24th / 25th stocktake sale. Probably worth a look instore.

22 June 2010

WOW sight and sound are running a 24 hour stocktake sale this Thursday 24th in Brisbane and Albury and Friday in Shepperton, Fyshwick, Darwin and Mackay. Was just scanning the promo flyer and there's a few things that are good value (good not awe inspiring).

5c fujifilm 6x4 colour prints
Sony Bravia KDL-46EX500 for $1879. The price itself is ok but they are offering to buy back the PS3 you can get on redemption from Sony for $480 which leaves you paying effectively $1419 for the tellie (1879 - 460 as the postage on the ps3 costs you $20).
The panasonic DMC-F2 camera for $99 is about 10-15 cheaper than market.
The Buffalo 1TB external drive is about $10 cheaper than market at $89.

There's some other stuff in the flyer that I havent priced out and I'm not sure what else they have included in the sale but worth taking a look if your driving past. The stores are open till 12 midnight on each of the two days. I dont think the prices will be reflected online.

What do you think?

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