Woolworths: 1/2 price Energizer Batteries AA & AAA

6 October 2011

I noticed that Energizer MAX AA batteries were shown as discounted in this week's catalogue but it is only the normal Alkaline energizers AA.

However, at Woolworths today, I saw all the large packs of Energizers AA and AAA for 1/2 price (8 batteries or more). I even took a photo just to remind myself to post about it =D

This includes Energizer MAX (alkaline batteries)
as well as Energizer Advanced (Premium alkaline batteries)

I assume this is available at other Woolies too.

Happy hunting..


  • queenshrew
  • admin EDITOR
    I'm giving you a hot for the fact that you took a piccie. Great stuff.
  • queenshrew
    I checked my receipt. Bought the premium alkaline Energizers (e2) AAA 10 for $7.99

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