Wireless Digital Internet Radio / MP3 Streamer / (W)LAN - $174.95 + $9.95 delivery

6 October 2009

Wireless Digital Internet Radio / MP3 Streamer / (W)LAN: The easy way to listen to digital music anywhere in your home or office.

This Internet radio enables new ways of music listening and RSS/Blog information in one new device. Just put the Internet radio MP3 streamer anywhere in your house and, with the push of a button, play thousands of radio stations or enjoy your own digital music library. Like the original radio we know, the Internet radio is a device that will find its way to millions of households in the next years.

This all-in-one solution combines convenience, design and quality in one simple and affordable package.

Diamond IR 350L ELKIR350
This product comes with a 12 month warranty.


  • admin EDITOR
    Be interesting to see how easy this was to setup and what the sound quality would be like at 3.5W. I like the idea of streaming devices but have trouble with the idea that you need lots of seperate devices for things like streaming music.
  • fishmonkey
    despite the hopeful hype of the manufacturers, i wonder if the digital radio thing will ever really take off, especially in countries where broadband isn't cheap... the thing that is inescapable is that you need an internet connection at all times for it to work, and streaming bandwidth adds up fast... for example, at a relatively modest 64kbps (which gives pretty average music quality), one hour of internet radio for one device is nearly 30MB of data...
  • admin EDITOR
    This is now down to $159.95 but still not sure I'd buy it. Have been listening to music out of a creative box about the same size and power as this and I'd rather use some harmon kardons or a decent doof doof box.
  • ninkasi
    Yeah. I actually have a handful of Pinnacle/Roku Soundbridges - got them for around the ]$80 mark - and they can stream music from internet sites as well as from my home server. No speaker, so headphones or hook up to stereos etc so you can get pretty decent sound out of them. I agree about them eating bandwidth with streaming internet sites so generally don't use them for that unless it's to listen to a station you couldn't otherwise get to. Similar device(s) are the Squeezebox jobs from Logitech (that includes the high end http://www.logitechsqueezebox.com/products/transporter.html). If you keep your eyes open you can frequently find these things (except for the transporter - but please let me know if you see them going for cheap!) on special for the same or less.
  • ninkasi
    Actually, after having a quick hunt, at the moment if I was looking for something like this I'd probably get a ]Squeezebox. Nothing against the Diamond, but this is probably better value - Class D amp, able to hook up a sub if desired, ethernet or wifi. Original price around the ]$650 mark, you can now get them for well under $200. $179 ]here and $175 ]here, for example. Or. Alternatively, something like a ]WD TV Live if you can hook it up to a TV - $179 at the moment at ]Scorptec. Stream videos, music etc locally as well as internet radio and other services....

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