Wifi-N-Spy Finder Detects Wireless Hotspots & Cameras $25 plus $9.95 shipping

31 July 2007

Neat little gadget for us freaks that will aid the finding of hotspots.

Manufacturers blurb...

This brilliant little gadget will check for wireless signal so you will never have to struggled to find a hot spot.
This detector features dual functions, not only detects wireless hot spots, it also detect nearby wireless cameras/monitoring device.
This WiFi-n-Spy Finder is a perfect companion for you laptop. With small and compact design, you sure can find a space for it within your laptop case.
A smart, dual-function detector for wirelessHot Spots and hidden cameras. The perfect companion when youre using a 2.4G, 802.11b wireless internet AP Locate a hot spot (802.11b wireless Internetaccess point) without opening your notebook computer.
Detect any hidden cameras that might be invading your privacy. Small and compact design makes for easy storage


  • sandgroper
  • admin EDITOR
    I know it sounds obvious but I reckon if you buy one of these its go to have a good range, signal strength accurately and it need to show you whether the network is open or locked. In my experience there's always some network around but to avoid having to open you laptop it helps to know their security status and strength on a 5 bar scale. Cant quite remember the brand of the one that I have but its good. Internal battery and you plug it into USB to recharge and worth paying the extra for.
  • nod
    Thanks Sandgroper These can be super handy. Anyone got this brand and can share some info?? Or any other brands to watch out for??

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