Western Digital Passport 400GB USB Portable Hard Drive + Case $157 + ship @ DSE

6 May 2009

Shipping is from $12.50

Price for this drive is cheapest on staticice plus it has a free case with it so a good deal if its the size your looking for.

# 400GB Portable Hard Drive
# USB 2.0 powered
Warranty: 3 year Limited Warranty


  • wheadle
    how big are they?
  • fishmonkey
    they are Western Digital Passport Essential drives: http://www.wdc.com/global/navigation/LeftNav/images/spacer.gifHeight: 15 mmhttp://www.wdc.com/global/navigation/LeftNav/images/spacer.gif Length: 126.15 mm Width: 79.5 mmhttp://www.wdc.com/global/navigation/LeftNav/images/spacer.gif Weight: 0.18 kg full specs here: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/Products.asp?DriveID=525
  • Bizi
    FYI, Officeworks.com.au does not sell this 400Gb size. Has anyone seen the 400Gb in an OW shop? The ]320Gb version is $149 and the ]500Gb version is $219. Thanks for sharing!
  • fishmonkey
    nope, but comparing the prices in this thread for the 3 different models the 400GB model is the cheapest per GB, followed by the 500GB, with the 320GB drive last (not a huge difference, but it may help you decide)...
  • effgee
    this deal just got better, with free shipping on buys of > $149. The only thing is the dse website is so braindamaged they don't have an 'add to cart' button, so I can't seem to buy it online to take advantage of the deal. EDIT: it appears this is now an 'in store only' deal...... which is not available at any stores :(
  • fishmonkey
    it's because some items are advertised as "in store only"...

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