Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB HDD, 3.5", 7200rpm, 32MB Cache $428.98 +ship @ Mwave today

28 April 2009

Well it is a good price for a bare 2TB WD drive...But I would go with 2 x 1TB drives for less outlay and have my eggs in 2 baskets.

Posted really for those who "must have"

Shipping is $12

- Interfaces: Serial ATA II
- Capacity [GB]: 2000
- Speed [rpm]: 7200
- Cache Memory [MB]: 32
- Disc size [inches]: 3.5


  • spodosaurus
    These drives are usually about $100 more, right?
  • admin EDITOR
    Not quite 100. Median would be around $100 more. Its a good price from Mwave.
  • spodosaurus
    It's better GB/$$ value for the 1.5TB drives at the moment, so that's why I went with that option. Still, if you REALLY don't like the hassle of storage upgrades and have the extra cash, this is a good deal.
  • fishmonkey
    Sandgroper makes a good point though—that is an awful lot of data to lose in one go if/when the drive bites the dust... remember they have the same 3 year warranty as the smaller drives... it doesn't make much sense to pay the premium unless you really need a single drive that big... i've been unlucky this week, received a brand new WD Caviar Green 1TB that was pretty much DOA... boo hoo...
  • admin EDITOR
    I reckon it makes more sense to have duplication on the drives. What was dead on the drive fishmonkey?
  • fishmonkey
    it makes horrible scraping noises when it spins up and down... can't access the filesystem... very tedious having to go through RA process... it's my first time dealing with Mwave so it'll be interesting to see how quickly they replace it... it's always a bit hit and miss getting drives couriered i think... you never know what kind of treatment your package might go through on it's way...
  • Uzer
    Saw this at Megaware for $419 http://www.megaware.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=16_205&products_id=87791 I've never bought anything from them, so clue what their service is like.
  • spodosaurus
    Sandgroper makes a good point though—that is an awful lot of data to lose in one go if/when the drive bites the dust...
    You don't actually have any data to lose if you haven't first backed it up. Data that isn't backed up isn't there :)
  • fishmonkey
    yah, there's an old tech geek adage, if the data isn't in three different places, it doesn't exist... it's never ending, i get bigger primary drives, which then means i need bigger backup drives, then there's offsite and cloud backups, etc etc etc etc etc

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