Western Digital 640GB SATA II Serial ATA100 HDD 7200rpm Hard Disk $113 @ MSY

12 May 2008

Looks like 640GB is the new 500GB, well at this price it just eases out the 500GB as best GB per buck ratio.

This is an instore deal with comwiz and Mwave being next cheapest at $120 and $124 plus delivery


  • admin EDITOR
    MSY really do do some good prices. Credit to them.
  • Klieu
    MSY provide the best prices on the market!! Always! No one can beat them! I'm a frequent customer of MSY and their stores just keep busier and busier every time I come back!
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - I have seen stuff cheaper at other places. But on the whole they're one of the cheapest merchants for pick up. Is the customer service as bad as I hear Klieu?

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