Western digital 1tb passport 2.5" external - $299 at City Software

11 November 2009

Your probably running the risk of buying this at this price and seeing the cost spiral slowly downwards to more reasonable levels (for 1tb of storage that is).

Otherwise - its a good price if you've just got to have one.


  • televisi
    Whoa!!! they comes in 2.5" for 1TB now!!!! amazing!!!! Yes, let's wait the price to go down
  • admin EDITOR
    $299 seems a bit steep for 1Tb of storage. Give it 6 months you'd expect the price to be down around 200 to 250.
  • fishmonkey
    the cheapest 2.5" 1TB bare hard drive currently on staticice is the Western Digital WD10TEVT 2.5" Scorpio Blue 1TB for $269, so this is decent deal if you are happy with a USB-only enclosure...
  • admin EDITOR
    I use a toughie 250gb drive for backups while out a d about. It's USB and does the job fine. I imagine transfers of 1tb would bog though.

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